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Bald and Blonde is a travel blog

I am very glad to announce a new project that I work on with my fiancée Sofija. We are couple of adventurous people who like to travel, meet new people, learn about different cultures and then – write about it all. On our blog you will see videos from our trips, blog posts, reviews and useful guides. All the content is created by ourselves only.

The name

There is no mystery behind the name of the blog – I am bald, Sofija is blonde and we travel the world, hence the domain – simple as that. How do you like it? We were thinking about many different names, but it seems like there is too many travelling couples to come up with original name on that field 🙂 – I can't complain though, all these blogs are very interesting.

The future

It's our first ever project like this so it's an interesting experience. It seems to combine everything we love so I hope we'll be able to update it for long. The website and Facebook page will be updated with bigger content (longer videos, articles, posts), whereas Instagram profile will be updated more often with fresh photos and short videos as well as Instagram Stories. We hope to post one big content (video or article per month), but update blog and social media very often with small posts. Time should verify if this approach is right.

Your feedback

If you want to follow us – you will be able to do it on Bald and Blonde website from October 2017 and you can do it already on our  Facebook page and  Instagram profile. Nothing is more encouraging for us than engagement from you, so if you like what you see, please let us know! 🙂 Personally I would also appreciate technical feedback – please let me know if the website isn't performing fast or there are some rendering issues. Thank you!

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