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Were you looking for a place where you would be able to buy Instagram photos for commercial use? Or maybe opposite – you wanted to allow others to use your photos commercially? 

I was interested in both – buying and selling photos. Instagram's ad algorithm worked well again and it decided to display me a sponsored content with Twenty20. Not waiting much longer I have made successful conversion for the ad creators – I downloaded the app and signed up. Twenty20 is an app similar in use to Instagram. You can browse photos, follow people, like them, comment, message. The only difference is that you can sell and buy photos for commercial use. All the photos are royalty-free, but you never lose the right to your own photos – if you wish you can sell them anywhere else and use them however you wish to. Selling photos couldn't be easier – you just upload your photos the same way you do it on Instagram and add your PayPal e-mail address to collect all payments there.

Interesting feature of Twenty20 not present in Instagram app are challenges. Every day Twenty20 releases new challenges for everyone who wants to join. All of them are on specific topic (such as Backgrounds, Grocery shopping, Travel etc.), some of them are sponsored by clients who are looking for photos for certain purpose. Then community votes for the best photos in each category by either swiping photo to the left to vote up or right to vote down and 20% the best photos are awarded with badges and promoted further.

If you're interested to start using this app, make sure to use button below – it will give you $40 (!) discount towards your first purchases.

You can see some of my work above. Most of the photos I take with my phone, some with DSLR camera, sometimes I compose few images in Photoshop. All my Twenty20 images are on Instagram as well. Feel free to share your opinion on them. Constructive criticism is always welcome!

Are you going to use Twenty20 or maybe you know some better apps that do the same?

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