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My name is Artur Kraft, Glasgow ecommerce specialist with over a decade of experience in building and developing successful online ecommerce platforms and websites. Get in touch for a free quote.

I will build a website for you and teach you how to manage it.


Get in touch with me! You can use live chat, email or give me a call!

All successful projects start from initial idea and conversations. Let's discuss how I can help your business grow.
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I will identify issues and agree on action plan with you.

The most important step in any process is to identify the problem and break it down, then we can decide on action.
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Lift off! Once we have agreed what needs to be done, I start doing it. 

I have many years of creating successful ecommerce websites as well as delivering many other types of projects.

No ecommerce project is ever truly finished.

In an online, competitive environment there is always room for improvement. I will work with you on future actions.

What my
clients say

Some of my chosen testimonials.
  • Relaxing website for Paisley Massage

    Artur is very approachable and have built for me an amazing website that is pleasing to eye, professional and works really fast. I would like to recommend Artur's services to every small business.

    Paisley Massage
    Rosie - Paisley Massage

    Rosemary Lappin

    Heavenly Beauty & Massage
  • Pleasure to work with Paisley Counselling

    I have been working with for several months and I have found them to be extremely helpful. Nothing is ever a problem or an inconvenience- their customer service is excellent. They have updated my web site and it is now working faster and generating a higher number of leads. It is also much more secure and as a consequence I am feeling more confident. I highly recommend to every small business looking to improve their web site and customer base.
    Paisley Counselling

    Kim Wylie

    Paisley Counselling
  • It was such a pleasure to work with...

    Artur Kraft is working with commitment. He is hardworking person who always fulfill the targets correct on time. He is courageos, open to new challanges, he has abillity to work under pressure and he is good at handling stressful situations, where one has to act quickly and calmly.

    Bartlomiej Wozniak

    Director of Operations at IteCom
  • Some of my design work

    Artur designed a logo for a community health campaign we implemented in Renfrewshire. He was able to design an innovative logo which reflected the messages we wanted to communicate to our target audience. Artur was great to work with, showing real professionalism throughout the process and a commitment to delivering a logo that reflected our needs and aspirations.

    Rowan Anderson

    NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Featured in Suppershoppers on Channel4

Let's have a look at your website.

In the online environment trends change rapidly. Big ecommerce store look and feel very different to websites from 10 or even 5 years ago. To make sure that you have professional presence online, get a free site evaluation from me.
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I have used dozens of different tools and I know what works the best for different types of businesses. I will provide you solution that works perfectly with your type of business.

Local photographer

Photography in Paisley, Glasgow, Edinburgh…

Featured websites

Some of my chosen work.

Euromax Cars – leading car hire in Mallorca

Euromax Cars – Scottish web design - websites in Glasgow, Scotland

Bizbalears – businesses for sale in Mallorca


Hoolahan Guitar Slides – Patented slides

Kieran Chambers Photography

Kieran Chambers 
Paisley Counselling

Paisley Counselling

Paisley Counselling 
Alloa Counselling

Alloa Counselling

Alloa Counselling
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October 24, 2021
Why you shouldn't buy products that you see on Instagram or Facebook

Facebook company, that owns the biggest social media platforms and communication channels, holds a lot of data about each individual using (and even not using!) their platforms. It does not only hold the information that you have supplied voluntarily (e.g. name, language, friend list, relationship status), but holds much more information that you might not […]

October 25, 2018
How to get free card reader payments for your business?

I have been looking for different card payment systems for commercial use. There is plenty of providers. Unfortunately most of them are old enough to come from pre-mobile revolution era and are not suitable for small businesses are they are not easy to use and very expensive. Also, they are usually not mobile systems, that […]


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