How to get free card reader payments for your business?

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I have been looking for different card payment systems for commercial use. There is plenty of providers. Unfortunately most of them are old enough to come from pre-mobile revolution era and are not suitable for small businesses are they are not easy to use and very expensive. Also, they are usually not mobile systems, that means they usually require stationary PC connected to them with internet access. Good news is there are new players on the market.

The most popular ones include iZettle, SquareUp and PayPal. There are many other Point of Sale (POS) machines out there, but most of them are expensive and they come with subscription plans.

App iZettle changed the market as it does not require subscription, there are no monthly fees and the separate device itself doesn't require to be connected to internet. It uses your phone's mobile internet/WiFi instead and syncs via bluetooth to its own app. The same way it gets software updates to the iZettle hardware. This solution from iZettle was first of its kind on the market and was quickly followed by many other, like PayPal. I have checked both most popular systems and unfortunately PayPal is more expensive overall. PayPal card reader currently costs £35 under temporary promotion (after that it will cost double that price). On top of that, if you sell less than £6,000/month then PayPal will charge your card reader payments 2.75% per transaction.

Solution provided by iZettle is the cheapest on the market. you can get it for half price and it will cost you £35.67 including VAT and postage. In general, each transaction is charged 1.75% which is 1 percentage point less than most of the card readers out there, including PayPal's reader. But you can have free transactions. How? Just use this link or press the button below to get £10 voucher that will be used towards your transaction fees. That makes iZettle's deal unbeatable.

  • The cheapest card reader,
  • No transaction fees (if you use the link),
  • No monthly fees,
  • No set up fess.

Get free transactions for iZettle!

If you also want to create free invoices where you can charge customers directly from the invoice using credit or debit cards or PayPal, then you can use Zoho Invoice, which offers these amazing features for free for up to 5 saved clients/customers (you can always delete the old ones if you run out of space).

Please let me know if that's interesting advice and I will keep posting more similar posts!

This article is not sponsored, but it contains affiliate links that give you and me some benefits (not available otherwise).

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