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Many businesses are looking for a good photographer to take photos of their products. Product photography is arguably the most important aspect of e-commerce marketing. Everything what the customer see on the online marketplace is a photo (or a video sometimes) and they base their decision solely on that if they never had bought the product before. After all, 80 percent of the sensory information the brain receives comes from our eyes (source).

If you already have a website (if you don't, I recommend my web development services), most of your marketing budget should be spend on good product photography.

To see the difference between bad and good product photography please have a look at the example below:

(photo taken from great article

Which picture grabs your attention? Both photos were taken of the same product, but only one embodies quality of the product. You should fight for high-quality first impression in online environment, because competition is too strong.

I am an experienced photographer ( who can make sure your products look always perfect.

I also take photos of people – couples, individuals, events, weddings. If you're interested in hiring photographer in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Paisley or anywhere in Scotland or UK, please go to my website or – thank you!

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